Cessna P210 aircraft for sale

The Cessna 210 Centurion built by Cessna Aircraft Company is a single engined, general aviation aircraft with an retractable gear, first flown in 1957 and produced until 1985.
The Centurion offers space for six passengers. It was built in three versions: the normally aspirated one, the turbocharged T210 and the pressurized version P210N also known as Silver Eagle.
Cessna P210Non request
Year: 1980; TTAF: 5295h; Type: Single Prop; Reg. No.: N210KK
Cessna P210Non request
Year: 1981; TTAF: 2158h; Type: Single Prop; Reg. No.: N888HF
Cessna P210N Long Range Tip Tanks, GTN 750, TCAS, FLARM, Intercooler£ 255,356
€ 298,000
EU tax paid
Year: 1983; TTAF: 3550h; Type: Single Prop; Location: Germany, EDML; IFR certified, Always hangared; Reg. No.: D-reg; Last annual: 8/2023