Bae Jetstream J41 / Jetstream 41 (Corporate) aircraft for sale

The Jetsream 41 produced by British Aerospace is a turboprop-powered feederliner designed as a "stretched" version of the Jetstream 31. It intended to compete directly with 30-seat aircrafts like the Dornier 328 or Saab 340.

The Jetstream 41's stretch added 4.88 m (16 feet) to the fuselage, its design was all new and did not contain any parts of the old fuselage. It demanded a wing with increased span, which was mounted below the fuselage. This led to larger wing root fairings and increased baggage capacity.

The Jetstream 41 could carry 29 to 30 passengers – its range is 774 nautical miles.
Bae Jetstream J41 Commuter configuration
Bae Jetstream J41 Commuter configurationon request
Year: 1993; TTAF: 24631h; Type: Turboprop; Location: United States, TX; Serial No.: 41013; Reg. No.: RP-C8298