Learjet 35 / 36 jets for sale

The Learjet Model 35 and Model 36 manufactured by Learjet are a series of multi-role business jets and military transport aircraft. The aircrafts are powered by two Garrett turbofan engines. The cabin can be arranged for 6 to 8 passengers. The Model 36 has a shortened passenger area to provide more space for fuel tanks to achieve a longer-range mission capability.

The Learjet 35 is a longer version of the Learjet 25. The 35A is equipped with more powerful engines with a range of 2789 NM. The production line ended in 1993.

The Learjet 36 has a larger fuselage fuel tank with 500 miles longer range. The 36A is equipped with more powerful engines. It was introcuded in 1976 and replaced the 36.
Learjet 35A
Learjet 35Aon request
Year: 1982; TTAF: 10214h; Type: Jet; Location: United States, TX; Serial No.: 0483; Reg. No.: N990LC